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 New Projects and Updates :

Current projects are revised/ new edition of Saving Katelyn tentatively set for re-release in Oct 2016- Dare - ya fiction- set to release  Winter 2016-

Thank you to all who have donated and supported the Lakota people and One Spirit through reading or watching the short video created to help bring awareness to the conditions of the reservations.









 Past Updates:

Ever After will finally become it's original design of being a 3 book series- The Ever After Trilogy will be completed by late 2013/early 2014 as book 3 is currently being written. Ever after, the original book will be broken back into 2 books- and Ever After will re-release -with book two following shortly behind it (Promises Made), preceding the third and final book- Promises Kept. All updates on releases will be posted here,

Also in the works is a new children's devotional- following the Best Selling God Loves You and All the Bugs Too -which is currently ranking in the top 20 at in children's bibles and devotionals category. We are very excited to see the release of this new devotional!



 Unspeakable Things



“For teenagers, peer pressure from friends is tough, but it’s a whole lot worse when it comes from friends that are dead.”










The video below was created to help bring awareness to the conditions of Pine Ridge that are effecting the Lakota people, please share this video to help others learn about One Spirit and the movement to make a change. IvWCBtLwrrY




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Ever After-  


A love story with a twist!














Catching Faith


Beautiful in His eyes

 (mini Christian devotional for tween girls)

"A beautiful book filled with sweet spiritual ideas and scripture verses . The promotion of modesty and self confidence in this little gem of a book is something I think all mothers should share with their girls. This is a keepsake devotional ideal for any mother to give her own tween daughter." - Kass

Taylor- -Hanover Park Book Club-



God Loves You and all the Bugs Too- (children's devotional)

God has filled our world with many wonderful things such as bugs, animals and especially You and your child! This book was made for you to share with the (little people) in your world. It is filled with fun pictures, songs and very important life skill based bible scripture, in the easy to understand ICB Nelson children's Bible format.
Inside this little book, your child will learn just how special they are to God, and also how to share His great love with others.
The Bible verses are simple and geared toward younger children, making reading time not only fun for them but it also helps them gain spiritual knowledge that will build their faith at this critical time in their young lives. It's never to early to begin helping your child have a solid foundation of faith.

Faith Hope and Love (teen christian fiction)

" It was an incredible story of faith, hope,love, forgiveness and redemption." -Eileen King-





 Saving Katelyn


"A gripping story line, that held my attention from page one. I loved the plot twists, and edgy darkness of the novel. Simply brilliant work."

-Shay Tanner-  Reviews and







                                      The Summer of Secrets                          






Got  Goblins?



Samantha's wonderful, silly and sometimes scary dreams!